LEGO 2K Drive


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Drive Pass Season 2, available from September 13th!

Play through 100 tiers of Drive Pass Season 2 to earn 22 Free Rewards including: 3 Vehicles, 5 Brick Packs, 5 Drivers and more! Also, don't miss the recent multiplayer additions that are free to all*: Brick Brawl mode and Ranked play!

Premium Drive Pass Season 2 unlocks the ability to earn a total of 103 Premium Rewards, including: 11 Vehicles, 27 Brick Packs, 10 Drivers, 6 Flairs, 8 Sounds, 26 Stickers, and more!

Don’t forget to head to the Drive Pass menu and select Season 2 to begin progressing and earning these new rewards!

If you have been playing through the Free version of Season 2 and decide to upgrade to the Premium version of Drive Pass Season 2, you will instantly unlock all the Premium Rewards you have earned based on your current level!


Whether you're engaging in the vehicular combat of Brick Brawl or just cruising around Bricklandia, you can earn some lovably wacky rewards for your collection by progressing through Drive Pass Season 2. With creations inspired by the LEGO City Design Team, new rewards include quirky creatures like a blocky llama and a water-ready unicorn in pool-floaty form, a drivable couch, a news van that's surely gathering B-roll for the Awesome News Network, and more!


LEGO 2K Drive Seasons are not time limited, so you can pick up and play each Season at your own pace!

The Premium Drive Pass for Season 2 is included in the Year 1 Drive Pass**, and is also available for individual purchase.

Additionally, as part of Season 2’s launch, there are some exciting updates for LEGO 2K Drive.


Let's Brawl! As part of the Season 2 update, a unique minigame introduced as a free addition, Brick Brawl is a team-based multiplayer mode, playable online* or in local splitscreen, that's full of vehicular destruction and great for progressing your Drive Pass levels. You'll join either the Red or Blue team in this 3v3 fracas, where each round lasts a few minutes and you score a point every time you wreck an opponent's vehicle. The team that's first to score 10 points or has the most points when time's up wins the round, and whichever team wins two rounds gets all the glory. Duke it out with other drivers in enclosed zones full of destructive Power-Ups, doing your best to turn your opponent's vehicles into piles of loose bricks while deftly speeding around to dodge incoming fire! Note that in local splitscreen, Brick Brawl is restricted to 1v1 battles.


As part of Drive Pass Season 2’s launch, why not test your skills against Bricklandia's best? Ranked is an addition to the Play with Everyone online multiplayer modes*. The Race and Brick Brawl modes allow for Ranked competition, and you can queue for them in a party of up to three players! The Ranked leaderboards are reset at the end of each two-week Heat, with six Heats in each Season. All Ranked races use Class A vehicles, so you'll need to be at the top of your game. There are seven Ranked Leagues to rise through in each new Heat as you earn RP, from humble beginnings in Bronze to the legendary LEGO Maniac rank. Depending on your Ranked League placement at the end of each Heat, you'll earn increasing amounts of Brickbux and Drive Pass XP**—plus a new item for your collection if you manage to reach the LEGO Maniac rank!

* Base game, 2K Account and Internet Connection required. Online console play requires paid subscription.

**Drive Pass rewards require unlocking with gameplay. Premium Rewards are only available as part of the paid Premium Drive Pass. Season 2 of the Premium Drive Pass is available for individual purchase and included in the Year 1 Drive Pass. The Year 1 Drive Pass is included in the Awesome Edition and Awesome Rivals Edition and is available for individual purchase. Base Game, Internet Connection and 2K Account required.

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