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Try Brick Brawl and Ranked Multiplayer Online Modes now!

Alongside the Season 2 update, LEGO® 2K Drive's multiplayer has kicked into a higher gear! Vehicular combat and unique zones await in the new multiplayer mode Brick Brawl, and you can now go for glory in Ranked multiplayer to earn rewards!

Here's the full rundown on these two new additions, which you can start playing right now! Blast your opponents to bits in Brick Brawl, and show those other drivers your skills as you climb the Ranked ladders!


Let's Brawl! Test your mettle in team-based battles with Brick Brawl, a 3v3 online multiplayer mode* that can also be played in 1v1 local splitscreen. Prepare for skirmishes of the Red Team versus Blue Team, where each round lasts a few minutes and you score a point every time you wreck an opponent's vehicle. The team that's first to score 10 points (or has the most points when time's up) wins the round, and whichever team wins two rounds gets all the glory!


Brick Brawl matches take place in unique zones that are full of destructive Power-Ups, crisscrossing pathways, and obstacles that you can use to your advantage. Turn your opponents' rides into space dust across the lunar landscape of To The Moon, jump over lava pits in the treacherous mines of Frontier Face-Off, and dart across underground lakes and subterranean castles alike in Cavern Clash!


A selection of offense-based LEGO 2K Drive Power-Ups are present in Brick Brawl, including Mines, Fruit Cannons, EMPs, and Web Crashers. Brick Brawl also gives you the chance to utilize Triple Rockets, which grant three rockets that fire semi-automatically without homing properties, and Repulsor, a super strong blast of energy that works like a juiced-up EMP. See if you can hit your opponents while driving at high speeds and dodging incoming artillery!


Ready to test your skills against Bricklandia’s best? Launching alongside Drive Pass Season 2, Ranked is an addition to the Play with Everyone online multiplayer modes*. The Race and Brick Brawl modes allow for Ranked competition, and you can queue for them in a party of up to three players! The Ranked leaderboards are reset at the end of each two-week Heat, with six Heats in every new Season. All Ranked races use Class A vehicles, so you'll need to be at the top of your game if you want to take the top spot on the podium.


Beyond bragging rights, climbing the ladders of each Heat and Season in Ranked multiplayer lets you earn additional rewards! Finishing a Ranked match will always raise your Ranked Points (RP) total, with RP increases based on your placement in a Race or a win/loss in Brick Brawl. Depending on your Ranked League placement at the end of each Heat, you'll earn increasing amounts of Brickbux and Drive Pass XP—plus a new item for your collection if you manage to reach the highest rank!


There are seven Ranked Leagues to rise through in each new Heat as you earn RP, from the humble beginnings of Bronze up to Silver, Gold, Diamond, Platinum, Champion, and finally the legendary LEGO Maniac rank. Because you'll never lose RP until the reset at the end of each 14-day Heat, perseverant drivers can make continuous progress on their Ranked League without fear of backsliding. You'll have separate Ranked League placements for each mode in Ranked multiplayer, with your best one counting towards your big-ticket, end-of-Heat rewards, plus smaller bonuses for your Ranked League placement from other modes!

* Base game, 2K Account and Internet Connection required. Online console play requires paid subscription.

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